Personal Print(打印个性化发票应用软件)
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关于Personal Print(打印个性化发票应用软件)


Personal Print应用程序,能通过发票为您的客户创建个性化的激励服务,使他们回来。



  • 提供了由专业设计师制作的漂亮模板供您选择,也可选择纸张格式、空白页或现有模板在上面构建。
  • 可通过使用拖放工具,自己编辑文字和图像,来设置和创建自建自定义发票。
  • 基于客户细分,可自动识别客户,并自动为他们打印不同的内容。你可以为他们的每一个订单打印不同的内容,确保他们真正感到被认可和考虑。
  • 可自定义生成折扣代码。例如,在每个订单上自动创建个性化折扣代码。
  • 可挖掘现有客户以提升店铺收入。
  • 我们与客户的合作显示,自从他们开始使用该应用程序以来,客户的回购率已高达50%。


Personal print loyalty
For 75% of stores, 9 customers out of 10 will NEVER come back. Yet they keep spending money online, the only way to retain them is to establish a personal connection.
Personal Print is an App which creates for your clients a personalized incentive integrated in the invoice to make them come back.
More than that, you can truly make every one of your customers have this instant when they whisper "wow" while opening your package and make them feel as they were unique. All this with your regular printer!
Beautiful templates immediately available
Dozens of templates crafted by Professional Designers are here for you to choose from, or build on top. Choose the paper format, a blank page or an existing template and start creating!
Build and customize invoices
Use the drag & drop tool to personalize one of our templates or make your own. Create more than a simple invoice, add your own text and images. The usual merges tags such as {{firstname}}, {{lastname}}, and many more are available to personalize all text!
Don’t limit yourself to a single pager, create a a memorable unboxing experience, you could for example thank the customer personally with his first name on page one, share your brand history on page two, add the invoice on page three.
Automatic incentives based on customer segmentation
Recognize automatically returning customers, and automatically print something different for them. Even better, you can print something different for each of their orders, making sure they truly feel well recognized and considered.
Custom generation of discount codes
Personalization can go really far to provide a premium experience. For instance, automatically create personalized discount codes at every order. Define the code pattern yourself. Entice your customers to come back with codes in the shape of "discount-for-john-123".
Why choose Personal Print?
Tapping in existing customers is the best way to increase your revenue, since they have proven to be qualified buyers.
And last but not least, our work with our customers showed customer repeat rates shooting to up 50% more since they started using the app.
We believe a highly personalized experience builds emotional connections. Nominative thank-you notes and other personalized inserts are the best way to show your customers that you truly care about them, generating referrals and returning customers.