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More sales, higher conversions and less hassle!
Find out why 25k+ Active Shopify stores swear by Sales Pop to increase orders.
Sales Pop shows you're an authentic store. It shows people trust you. It shows your store is busy. Most importantly, it shows people want your products. In a world where FOMO (fear of missing out) is top of the consumer's mind, giving them the chance to see in real-time what others have purchased makes the customer jump on the bandwagon too.
If you are a new store without an established brand, buyers might have hesitation purchasing for the first time leading to cart abandonment. Sales Pop kickstarts your sales by showing your new customers that real people are making real purchases and eases the customers' minds.
A Tour of Sales Pop's FeaturesConvert more traffic
Stores using Sales Pop convert more traffic simply through sharing details about customers who have opted-in or purchased from your store.
You’re in charge of What and Where you Share
Select which pages, and where on the page to display your Pops on.
Fabulous by Design
Take Advantage of the awesome array of templates we offer to build Pops that look and feel like your brand. Add your styles, colors, and CSS to complete your look. However, there is no coding required to make your shop Pop.
Awesome Customer Support
Contact our support team for clear and friendly customer support. We’re dedicated to the success of your business.
Do you have customers from all over the world? Share this with visitors to easily let them know your product is available in their area.
Dive into Data
Using our in-depth analytics dashboard, you can see insights on clicks, views, recent Pop events and more. Use this information to optimize your Pops for even better results!
Open API
If you’re tech-savvy, With the Sales Pop Open API, you can create a custom app solutions to integrate with Sales Pop for your store. Sales Pop also integrates with Consistent Cart and WooHoo.
Instant Upgrades
Don’t ever worry about missing an app version. All CartKit Apps, including Sales Pop, update automatically, so you always have access to the newest version.
What if I have very few or no sales?
No problem! Sales Pop can import orders from your store as far back as two years ago. Additionally, all new orders will automatically appear in Sales Pop.
What languages does Sales Pop support?
Sales Pop currently supports: EN ES FR PT NL IT DA DE ZH RO
How do I know if Sales Pop is working for me?
A good way to compare the conversion rate increase would be an A/B test of 15 days running Sales Pop and 15 days without to see how conversions have increased.