Best Buy Canada Integration(在Best Buy上无缝销售商品的插件)
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关于Best Buy Canada Integration(在Best Buy上无缝销售商品的插件)

Best Buy Canada Marketplace integration应用程序已开发完成,可帮助Shopify商店的卖家通过Shopify帐户在Best Buy 上无缝地销售其产品。此集成使您能够轻松地将产品、定价和库存从Shopify商店同步到Best Buy 市场。

Best Buy Canada Integration如何运作?

CedCommerce(Best Buy的官方集成合作伙伴)开发的应用程序可以帮助您将Shopify商店连接到Best Buy市场。使用此应用程序,您将能够通过Shopify帐户管理产品、价格和库存上传以及订单管理,所有更新都将自动流向Best Buy市场。



What is the Best Buy Canada integration?
The Best Buy Canada Marketplace integration App has been developed to help Sellers with Shopify stores sell their products on the Best Buy Marketplace seamlessly through your Shopify Account. This integration enables you to easily sync your products, pricing, and inventory from your Shopify store to the Best Buy Marketplace.
How does Best Buy Canada integration work?
The App developed by CedCommerce (the official integration partner of Best Buy) helps connect your Shopify store to the Best Buy Marketplace. With this App, you will be able to manage your product, price and inventory uploads as well as order management through your Shopify account, and all updates will flow automatically to the Best Buy Marketplace.
Key features1. Inventory Synchronization:
Easily synchronize your inventory between Shopify and the Best Buy Marketplace.
2. Order Synchronization:
All orders placed on the Best Buy Marketplace will flow automatically to your Shopify store.
3. Notifications & Updates:
Receive regular notifications & updates related to your products. For instance, if an order is not synced due to missing SKU or insufficient inventory, you will receive a notification on next steps
4. Threshold Inventory:
Set inventory threshold limits to receive replenishment notifications.
5. Auto Cancel Orders:
Automatically cancel orders if you do not have the inventory to fill the order.
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