Channels Inventory Manager(渠道库存管理插件)

关于Channels Inventory Manager(渠道库存管理插件)

什么是Channels Inventory Manager

Channels Inventory Manager应用软件允许您创建和管理你在各个渠道的商品库存。通过该应用软件您可以创建任意数量的你正在销售商品的销售渠道,并通过它来管理各个销售渠道的库存。Shopify默认库存将作为总库存。也就是说,如果你在创建的销售渠道中添加上要被销售的商品数量后,shopify中总的商品库存数量将减少。



Why Channels Inventory Manager?
Channels Inventory Manager app let you create and manage the inventory for the channels. You can create any number of sales channels where you are selling your products and can manage their inventory from this app only. Shopify default inventory will act as the parent inventory. Which means, if you add some number, which you have sold on some channel, this will reduce the main Shopify inventory
For example, You have a product named “iPhone 7” with 100 pieces on Shopify. Also, you are selling the phone on some store say ‘Downtown Shop’ and sold 4 pieces there. Now, you just need to create the channel named ‘Downtown Shop’ and add 4 pieces to “iPhone 7”. This will automatically reduce the total pieces to 96 from Shopify as you are left with 96 pieces now.
What are Channels?
Channels are the third party sale points where you are selling you product along with Shopify
Manage Channels Inventory: Create/Update/Delete channels on one place and make the record of all your sales channels
Import/Export: Import/Export your channels inventory with just one click.
Update Product Inventory: Import/Export your product inventory in a easist way with one click.
Notifications: Notify you on email after completing the process.