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You know that the key to growth is loyal, satisfied customers and a great reputation.
But the more you grow the harder it gets to keep service at the level you want it to be.
Dealing with customer feedback is the best way to improve service, and CustomerSure simplifies the headaches of collecting feedback that all growing stores experience.
CustomerSure automatically sends a simple, fast feedback form to every customer after they've received their order, so you can ensure satisfaction every time. But more importantly, we provide you with the tools to deal with the feedback you receive.
Automatically gather feedback for every order you process
Act on responses immediately to boost loyalty
Save time with in-built survey templates designed by experts
Easily configure branding to suit your store
Gain actionable insights into strengths, weaknesses and how customers feel
Increase repeat business and word of mouth referrals
Dealing With Feedback
When customers send their feedback it is delivered directly to your inbox.
From here you can respond to comments and make sure everyone is satisfied.
Then, use powerful reports and analytics to identify patterns and trends in all the data you've collected. You'll uncover strengths and weaknesses that will help you improve your online business.
Use Guides & Templates Built by Satisfaction Experts
We’ve built our years of customer feedback expertise into a set of survey templates, and they’re ready to send from the moment you start your free trial.
But if you prefer to build your own surveys, ask your own questions, and design your own email templates then you'll find our software is fully-flexible.
Receiving Actionable Customer Feedback is Effortless
There’s nothing technical to learn. CustomerSure is fully-integrated with Shopify already, so in a couple of minutes you can start gathering customer feedback, automatically, every time a customer receives their order.
Our clean, simple interface gives you total control over customer satisfaction.
How CustomerSure is Different
Our approach to customer feedback is unique because it's laser-focused on making feedback a great experience for the customer. Fast, simple and all about results.
For the store owner it's good news too. It's simple, it's fully automated and it frees you up to focus on building a great business, confident that your customers are happy.
Designed by experienced customer service specialists, built by the finest software engineers, and refined for 8 years by the feedback from our own loyal customers, hundreds of companies around the world rely on CustomerSure.
There's no risk and no obligation. Why not start your free trial and take control of customer satisfaction today?