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Announce Bar help you to display special offers, discount code, events in your site.
Announce bar is free and you can use it in your site free of cost.
If you want to display Christmas offer to your customers then Announce bar app will help you to display offers on your site. just install the app and configure the app text, size, font, color according to your requirements. click on save button to publish changes in your store. now your Christmas offer is displaying in your store.
What is Announce Bar?
Show some custom information to the customer in your store is not easy in themes, Themes are not easy for shop admin to edit and then customize according to him. So we are coming to a solution in which without affecting the shop's theme admin can display information in their shop to the customer.
For Example: if admin wants to display a 10% discount to each customer on festival then if he/she will go to themes and update the theme then this will very complicated to admin. In Announce Bar app it is easy to display 10% discount text to the customer.
Show your visitors the right message at the right time so they stay on your website longer.
Country-based display: Announce Bar will automatical detect customer location base on their countries, select multiple countries.
Assign pages: Choose to display the bar on the common page like All pages Homepage, collection, product and Custom page with URL.
Display Announce Bar to Visitors (per Day): Choose to display the bar per day like Every Time, 1 Time, 2 Time.. etc.
Customize messages text: Customize the text Announce message, Purchased message, Success message and offer message. The app will display this message on the bar on the front store.
Works on mobile: The bar will be displayed normally on a mobile device
Design your bar: Background Color, Text Color, Link Color, Font-Size, Text Align.
Easy to use: The app does have a nice design and friendly user interface.
Choose any color to match your site.
Beautiful front-end display that looks great on any Shopify-retailed theme.
Country Wise Display Announce Bar
PageWise Display Announce Bar
Only Selected Time Display Announce Bar
Announce Bar Display Delay Time
Auto Hide Announce Bar After Some Seconds
Button Settings on Announce Bar
Customized Text
Bar Style Settings
Image Support
Link Support
Custom CSS: Customize bar with the Custom CSS option
Bar Enable / Disable Option
Multiple Bars Show
Different Bars on Different Page
Announce Bar Position on Page
Announce Bar Opacity
Announce Bar Positioning (Default / Fixed Top / Fixed Bottom)
Announce Bar Opacity
Contact us and we will help you match the look and feel of the app with your theme