Elfsight Portfolio(作品展示插件)
Elfsight 出品
$4.99/month. 7-day free trial.

关于Elfsight Portfolio(作品展示插件)

通过Elfsight Portfolio你可以分类添加作品,设置展示布局,并在你的网站上进行展示。


Elfsight Portfolio还提供一键下单功能,在你的网页上提供总是可见的下单按钮,用户点击它即可下订单或立即与您联系。



Show all your projects on the site
Elfsight Portfolio widget you can add unlimited projects and show them on your site in all details. You can divide projects into categories and choose the layout of project cards in your portfolio. Users can open each project in popup and view the work right on your sight.
Impress with your creative works
In your projects, you can upload photos and videos, add descriptions, tell about the completion stages with exact dates, and more. Users can open each project and view its content in popup or go straight to the project website.
Making an order in one click
Attract more new clients and orders from the site with Elfsight Portfolio. The widget has call-to-action button, that is always visible and allows users to start making an order or get in touch with you immediately.
Configure the widget appearance
The widget interface is totally flexible: you can change the arrangement of the project cards, select their shape, vary the number of columns, apply your own colors to six elements and choose which info elements to show.