Elfsight Weather Widget(气象预报插件)
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关于Elfsight Weather Widget(气象预报插件)


Elfsight Weather是一个可以在网站上展示天气预报的简单插件。可展示选定区域的最新天气预报以及最新的温度、压力、湿度和天气要素信息。还提供对你所选择的时刻或日期进行气象预测的功能。并且以天气为主题的背景图像与当前天气相呼应,您还可以自定义背景颜色。



Elfsight Weather is an uncomplicated and adjustable website plugin, which demonstrates up-to-date weather for a selected area. Insert any location in the world using the name, ZIP or coordinates. Website audience will be able to check the updated info on temperature, pressure, humidity, and weather elements. Our widget features an option to demonstrate hourly or daily forecast. Weather themed background images echo the current weather and you can also paint the background any colors.
Adding location by name, coordinates or ZIP
With the help of Elfsight Weather, it’s easy to keep users updated about the weather in any place of the world. Just enter the name of the location, the ZIP-code, or the coordinates - our widget will display the weather for the place. Set your language and temperature measurement unit - you will have the most convenient weather info widget.
Choosing out of five configuration types
There are 5 alternatives of the widget design. You choose what meteo data should be on the website: from an unobtrusive temperature widget to an informative forecast for the future week. Any type can be easily introduced it into any zone of the web page or into the template.
Adding colors of the background
It’s very easy to add colors and make the widget match the website general style and color. Adjusting the colors of the main and daily forecast backgrounds, you can find an ideal solution. Or you can select themed pictures, which will visualize the current weather.