FBAship ‑ ship by Amazon FBA(FBA自动配送订单)
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关于FBAship ‑ ship by Amazon FBA(FBA自动配送订单)



  • 配送美国和海外订单;
  • 无需你做任何事情,亚马逊会运输配送订单;
  • 为客户提供实时物流详情;
  • 几分钟即可轻松设置。




Available in English and Simplified Chinese.
If you are selling products on Amazon and Shopify at the same time, FBAship help you integrate Orders, Inventory, Fulfillment into Amazon FBA.
The only thing you need to do is to authorize the Amazon seller account, and leave FBAship doing the rest. We will fetch order data from Shopify every 10 minutes and import them into Amazon FBA for shipment, while providing real-time data for every FBA order throughout the entire fulfillment process.
Key Features
1.Automatically import the orders and ship the items by FBA;
2.Tracking the status of order shipments in Real-Time.Check your FBA shipment of each order,enabling you to accurately track every step of the shipping process;
3.Support Shipment of the major global marketplaces, including USA, Canada, Mex, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Japan, India and Australia;
4.Get Instant Notifications About Every Abnormal Order. For example: If the destination of the order is not the country or region covered by Amazon FBA service, FBAship will alert you for the very first time and guide you to handle it.
Key Benefits
1.Create FBA shipment. We will automatically import the Shopify orders and ship the items by FBA;
2.Track status of FBA shipment. Check your FBA shipment of each order, enabling you to accurately track every step of the shipping process;
Major Global Marketplaces. Support Shipment of 11 Amazon marketplaces, including the US, CA, MX, the UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, JP, IN, and AU.