Form Builder by Arctic Grey(表单创建工具)
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At a Glance
You can build beautiful online forms as simple as 123. Just drag & drop fields to your form, select your notification email and publish the form to any page. Minimum coding Skill required!
Create your contact forms, order forms, event registration forms, online surveys and any other types of web forms have never been this easy! With the Advanced Form Builder real-time form editor, you can create and customize your form in minutes. Minimum coding skills required.
Receive email form submissions when somebody fills out your form. You can also send an email copy of the completed form to the user.
How it works
*Do you want to create Surveys Forms, Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, etc? Then our Advanced Form Builder is solution for you.
Once you Install this app, you can create form easily with our drag and drop builder, you can add dynamic fields and have the data sent to directly to your email for instant notifications.
Once a form is created, you will get a short code of the form. All you need to do is place this short code to any page of your Shopify site, and that's it!
Your form is ready to go live.
Additionally, in the admin panel you can view all the data collected for each submitted forms.
About the Developer
Arctic Grey, Inc. is a web and mobile development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in New York, Chicago, Huston, London, Toronto and more. Our design and development teams are known for their experience with custom projects ranging from enthralling website design, to pioneering mobile app development. Each member of our inventive team brings an assortment of effective ideas and understanding that can only enhance your objectives. Arctic Grey, Inc. originated as a modest web development company in the city of Chicago. Through expansion into e-commerce and custom development, Arctic Grey grew its team quickly. The development and design teams had doubled and then tripled more than a few times to keep pace with the increasing demand for mobile applications and sophisticated e-commerce platforms like Shopify.
Currently, the company has designers and developers around the world with a span of experience unmatched by most digital firms. These professionals include seasoned project managers, experienced software engineers, creative designers, innovative UX designers and obsessive QA testers.The growth is a direct result of helping our clients win again and again, through long-term partnerships, and a foundation built on reliability.