Give & Grow(慈善机构数据库)
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关于Give & Grow(慈善机构数据库)

Give & Grow是Shopify上最大的慈善机构数据库-超过200万个组织!通过Give and Grow这个应用,你可以跟客户一起共同参与社会贡献。你可以在超过15万的机构中作出选择并捐赠一部分的销售收入。你还可以在网站上显示贡献栏。

据Business for Social Responsibility分析,76%的人认为道德和诚信是一个企业的首要责任,人们对回报的公司是忠诚的。

2017年,Cone CSR研究发现92%的消费者对使命驱动型企业有更积极的印象。如果消费者对品牌失去信任,三分之一的消费者将停止购买他们喜欢的产品。



The largest database of charities on Shopify - +2million organizations!Why Give and Grow can Help your Business Grow
Build customer loyalty by making it easier for customers to support causes they’re passionate about. It’s proven: people are loyal to a company that gives back.
92% of Consumers Have a more positive image of mission-driven companies (Cone CSR Studies (2017)
One-third of all consumers today will stop buying their preferred products if they lose trust in the brand.
How to Use Give & Grow
Round-up Purchases for Charity: Allow your customers to round-up their purchases to the nearest dollar to support charitable causes.
Donate $1 at Checkout: Enable users to add a $1 to their order, Customers can increase the amount they’d like to donate by increasing the quantity in the cart.
Give % or Fixed Amount per Product: Integrate giving directly into your product sales. Highlight specific products by associating them with causes or nonprofits.
Choose to support one or several nonprofits (up to 12). Offer customers the opportunity to select the recipient charity, or distribute donations equally to your chosen causes.
Display your impact in real-time. Showcase dollars donated or representative impact metrics - we’re the only donation app measuring real-time impact.
Get Started
Personalize: Select your cause or nonprofit from our network of 2 million vetted nonprofits in over 100 countries. We’ll handle all the back-end donation processing.
Install: Seamlessly integrate our donation platform into your customer experience with an embed code. Customize your impact calculator by choosing your cause, donation amount, color scheme, and icon.
Share: Shout it from the rooftops! Make an announcement on social media, send an email blast, put it on your homepage, and watch your brand loyalty grow.
Be efficient: Give & Grow instantly generates a detailed report of each donation, a summary of each time period, and easily downloadable tax receipts.
Our Lawyers Wanted Us to Tell You
There may be laws around giving back and cause marketing that are specific to your state (if your business is US-based), or country. We cannot be your lawyers and recommend consulting your legal team to approve your charitable giving program.
About Us
Pledgeling enables every business to change the world by giving back to the causes they care about. To date, we’ve powered over $18MM+ in nonprofit donations, working with enterprise brands like discovery and leading Shopify stores like ThisSavesLives, Coastal Co., Giving Keys, Zox and over 3,000 more. It’s all part of our #PledgeToDoGood and our goal to help your store #GrowThroughGiving.