Google Shopping Feed(谷歌营销插件)
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关于Google Shopping Feed(谷歌营销插件)

通过安装Google Shopping Feed插件,将Shopify店铺里面的商品同步至Google Merchant Center 商户中心,获得更多曝光量。



Our Experience
After working with 150+ stores on their Google Shopping campaigns, we realised, we need something better than all the options available. We developed Bing Shopping Feed, which became favorite of merchants and PPC agencies.
Instant Sync with Google
You just link your Shopify Store with Merchant Center(App helps you do it) and app does its job on its own. No need to submit Feed URL and set fetching frequency and other settings.
There is another benefit, Product updates don't have to wait for Google to fetch the feed. Updates are pushed by app to Google Merchant Center within few mins of the update.
Promotions Feed for All or Specific Products
Now you can create Promotions Feed within App for both, Specific and All Products
You can assign Promotions to Specific Products using Robust filtering and Bulk Edit features of the App.
Robust Interface
Precise Management of Additional Values required by Google. You can Add Custom Labels, Google Product Categories, Product Condition, Age, Gender, custom product values either in Bulk or product by product.
Advanced Filtering Options
by Vendor
by Product Type
by Tags
by Google Product Categories Applied
by Age
by Gender
by Promotions Applied
by Material Assigned
by Pattern Assigned
by Custom Labels Applied or not applied
When you are working on addition of custom labels, google product categories, defining age and gender of products, you should be able to filter the products based on several parameters. This app provides you to filter the products on Above listed parameters...
Includes All variants
Now you can submit All the Variants of each products with their own SKUs and GTIN.
SKU will be submitted as MPN and Barcodes will be submitted as GTIN for each variant. This improves number of impressions your products can get.
You can use SEO Titles and Descriptions Or Custom Titles and Descriptions For Feed only.
App allows you to use SEO Titles and/or SEO Descriptions as your product titles and descriptions respectively.
Second Image as Product Image and Additional Images
Now you can use the second image as product image as on many stores, first images are having actual backgrounds which Google does not like much.
SKUs As Product IDs
You can submit standard Product IDs in the format as that of Google Shopping app of Shopify. e.g. Shopify_US_xxxxxxxx_yyyyyyy
You get an option to select which will submit SKUs as product IDs.
Support for Additional Labels
Our app allows you to add Shipping Labels (For Complex Shipping Settings), Return Policy Label (For Google Express's Different Return Policy requirements), Ads Label (For Dynamic Remarketing Ads Filtering).
Support for Facebook Catalog
Now, use the Google optimizations done for facebook too. No need to use any other app