Instant Sales Notifications(即时销售通知插件)
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关于Instant Sales Notifications(即时销售通知插件)

Instant Sales Notifications插件,将社会认同,稀缺性和紧迫性融合为一个小小的通知,在您的网店安装该插件,可在您得网店页面上显示您的客户最近的购买订单。该应用程序能够在您的顾客中为您的网店建立信誉,从而增加你的销售量。



Instant Sales Notifications combines social proof, scarcity & urgency with a small notification, fully customizable to your store, showing your customers your most recent orders. The app builds credibility and increases your sales.
What is Social Proof?
Let me tell you a little story, something that probably happened to you more than once...
Let's say, you go to a restaurant. As you peer inside, you notice it's an empty one. Your mind quickly concludes the food must suck. The one next door has a waiting list and gads of people out front anxiously waiting. You automatically assume it must be the tastier of the two.
Psychologists, sociologists and marketers call this “social proof.”
Reasons to install Instant Sales NotificationsEasy Setup
Setup is super simple. You can have Instant Sales Notifications up and running on your store in no time.
100% Real Data
Show verified and authentic purchases
Control your notifications
Display time, speed, delay and more
Match it to your store appearance
Change colors, shape, and position to match the look of your store.
Mobile First
Show social proof messages across any device used.
Supports Multiple Languages
You can choose your language of choice and have complete control over the texts in the notifications.
More options
Choose from the different animations and layouts
What are you waiting for?
1 click installation, 0 developers needed!