Olio Instant Search(及时搜索应用程序)
Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

关于Olio Instant Search(及时搜索应用程序)

Olio Instant Search应用程序能够在用户进行搜索查询时给予他们即时反馈,并确保查询结果列表中能提供他们正在寻找的产品。


Olio Instant Search应用程序包含分析功能,可通过了解客户在寻找什么,进行分析调整您的商店产品,从而改进搜索。




Olio Instant Search可无缝集成到您的在线商店的现有主题。不需要修改主题。应用程序使用Shopify脚本标记,因此,如果选择卸载,请确保完全还原。

Olio Instant Search提供14天免费试用。



Improve product discoverability and boost conversions
Suggest relevant products and collections instantaneously as soon as the user begins typing a search query.
Give users instant feedback as they formulate their search query and reassure them the products they are looking for are available in catalog.
Customise the behaviour, styling and appearance of the instant search suggestions.
All the important product attributes including categories, tags, vendors are indexed for search.
Enable a responsive search results page that looks great on both desktop and mobile devices for easy navigation through the search results.
Leverage analytics to make search better
Understand what customers are looking for and gain insights to tweak your store offerings.
Fix your store catalog descriptions to ensure items that already exist are easily accessible by search.
Keep track of overall search trends including top search queries.
Drill-down into search queries that lead to no results.
Quick setup and an intuitive dashboard:
Once App is installed, there is zero configuration setup.
Customise, experiment and go live within a few minutes.
Olio Search seamlessly integrates into your online store’s existing theme. No theme modification is required. App makes use of Shopify Script Tags and thus ensure a clean revert if you choose to uninstall.
Updates to store catalog sync on a near real-time basis to ensure the most up-to-date search results for your customers.
Reasonable pricing with pay as you go plans and no long term commitments.
Start with a 14 day free trial version. There are no charges until you select a paid plan later.
Reach out to customer support for prompt assistance with setup, troubleshooting, customisation or any other queries you may have.