Personalized Recommendations(个性化产品推荐)
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关于Personalized Recommendations(个性化产品推荐)


Personalized Recommendations应用程序能为您的顾客进行以下个性化推荐:











AI/ML led Personalized Recommendations, Frequently Bought Together, Related Products, Upsell, Cross-sell for Plus Stores
Increase sales by showing personalized product recommendations using Personalized Recommendation. We take care of generating personalised recommendations using a proprietary algorithm.
We support:
Personalized Recommendations For You
Trending Products
Frequently Bought Together - Upsell
You may also like - Cross Sell
Similar Products - Increase discoverability of Products
Recently Viewed - Decrease Bounce Rate
Top Discounts
Page Configuration & Widgets
User our dashboard to configure widgets on each page. You can add unlimited Widgets on any page to show Dynamic & Personalized Product Recommendations.
Sales & Conversion Analytics
Keep track of revenue generated by Recommendations; visitors and their actions using our analytics dashboard.
Frequently Bought Together Upsell
Similar to Amazon, Personalized Frequently Bought Together widget is a great way to upsell and increase order value. This widget allows you to upsell products to customers and show recommended products.
Personalized Similar Products/Based on Your Interest
You can target customers once they have shown interest in your products by visiting them. We generate recommendations to target customers. This can be used for cross-sell as well as for increasing conversions.
Customers Also Bought / Cross Sell / Recommended Products
Cross-sell products to increase your sales. Show products that users might be interested in. Define recommendation rules to target specific product types.
Bestsellers & Trending Products
Personalized best selling product recommendations on your store using this widgets. Increase conversions & revenue.
Recently Viewed
Recently Viewed is particularly helpful in re-marketing. This shows the products that users have already visited and have strong interest in buying.
How personalized recommendations increase conversions?
Personalized Product Recommendations are personalised and based on relevant products using past order data and other events like add to cart, product page views. The algorithm looks for patterns in user behaviour to find what he/she is looking for. This enables us to show relevant products to the user.
Top Features
No Manual Setup
Automatic Personalized Recommendations using Machine Learning
Advanced Recommendation Rules
Custom CSS
Add Manual Recommendations
Upsell & Cross-Sell
Easy to understand pricing based on your need.Excellent Support for all customersIntegrate with top-rated Shopify apps
Variant Options Swatch King: Variant Image Swatch, Color & Collection Swatch, Group Product