Pickzen 出品
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  • 把“店内销售人员体验”带到你的网上商店
  • 提高销售额和转化率
  • 深入了解客户需求和行为
  • 生成潜在客户
  • 激励客户下单
  • 加强电子邮件营销和Facebook/Instagram活动


About Pickzen
Pickzen is the start-to-cart solution that allows e-commerce stores the ability to deliver a personalized, interactive shopping experience to its customers. Pickzen uses completely customizable product finder quizzes to engage shoppers and guide them to the products that best match their individual needs. Much like a great salesperson in the real world, Pickzen partners with the shopper through the customer journey to ensure they find exactly what they’re looking for every time.
Use Pickzen to:
Bring the “in-store salesperson experience” to your online store
Increase sales and conversion rate
Gain more insight on your customer needs and behavior
Generate leads
Drive engagement
Enhance e-mail marketing and Facebook/Instagram campaigns
Shopify & Shopify Plus Features
With one-click Shopify integration, Pickzen dynamically connects with your Shopify product catalog, ensuring that any changes are reflected automatically
Pickzen works seamlessly across any sized product catalog or traffic volume
Pickzen can be integrated anywhere on your site in a variety of display modes (e.g. embedded, separate landing page, pop-up/light box, etc.)
The “Third” Standard
Right now about one third of your customers shop your site by using the search bar to find a specific product. Another third will use the filters to narrow their options. The rest would ideally like to engage a salesperson to help them find the right product, but such an experience hasn’t been possible online...until now. With Pickzen, you can set up an interactive customer shopping experience in minutes, bringing that in-store salesperson online instantly. Countless e-commerce stores trust Pickzen to drive engagement, increase conversion and capture leads while delivering a superior customer experience every day.
AI vs. the Interactive Approach
Artificial intelligence is hardly a substitute for real intelligence. Current ‘personalization solutions’ on the market aim to predict customer behavior using AI, but such solutions require mass data to drive their models. Pickzen cuts through the noise and like a real salesperson, simply asks the customer a series of questions (defined by the e-commerce expert), delivering the perfect product recommendation every time.
Active Engagement vs. Passive Engagement
Transparency is key in building trust and brand loyalty in today’s market. By engaging customers and allowing them to play an active role online, Pickzen brings them into the buying experience and invites them to learn the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ a given product is the right fit.