POS fiscal printer(收据打印插件)
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关于POS fiscal printer(收据打印插件)


由Jef开发的 POS Fiscal Printer App,提供了可应用于IOS系统和Android系统的不同版本。通过该应用程序您可以很轻松的在您可以轻松地在商店和市场、弹出式商店、集市和任何地方销售您的产品。只需单击一下,您就可以打印收据、取消收据、打印一份副本或一份礼节性收据。无论销售地点在哪里,您都会在Shopify商店自动更新的订单说明中找到打印的数据。



POS Fiscal Printer App by Jef
Easily sell your products in stores and markets, pop-up shops, fairs and anywhere with the Shopify POS app available for iOS and Android and with a simple click you can print your receipt, cancel it, print a copy or one courtesy receipt. Regardless of where the sale takes place, you will find print data in your order notes automatically updated on your Shopify store.
Why choose POS Fiscal Printer?
The first app for Shopify POS that allows direct printing of the receipt in Italy in compatible EPSON printers and Shopify POS.
POS Fiscal Printer App Lets You Print:
Courtesy receipts.
Partial receipts.
Gift card.
Credit notes.
Automatic setting of the VAT department for transmission to the tax authorities.
Merchant Benefits of POS Fiscal Printer App:
Easy-to-install, understand and use.
The statistical report allows the store merchant to display the number of prints generated per day.
Configuration panel for each individual printer enabled for each subscription
Approval request with pin code to send the receipt's tax cancellation (Storno)