Purolator LTL Freight Quotes(货运报价插件)
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关于Purolator LTL Freight Quotes(货运报价插件)

Purolator LTL货运报价应用软件,

您必须有一个Purolator帐号才能使用Purolator LTL 货运报价应用程序。


通过该应用程序,可在Shopify结帐过程中显示您和买家协商好的Purolator LTL运费,以便您可以收集每个订单的运费。您可以设置费率,选择在费率中包含手续费,以便可以收回包装材料的成本或与运输操作相关的其他费用。



Purolator LTL Freight Quotes
You must have a Purolator account number to use this application. Look at the end of this description for information about Purolator and how to contact the company.
Display your negotiated Purolator LTL freight rates in the Shopify checkout process so you can collect your shipping costs on each order. You have the option to include a handling charge in the rate so you can recover the cost of packing materials or other expenses associated with your shipping operation.
Key Features
Supported origins: Canada, United States
Supported destinations: Canada, United States.
Define multiple warehouse and drop ship locations.
Generically label the quote (i.e. "Freight") or brand the quote using the carrier's name.
Product specific shipment parameters: weight, dimensions, freight class.
Shipment parameters can be set differently for each product variation.
Options for residential delivery.
Options for lift gate delivery.
Provide an option for in-store pick up.
Identify a local delivery area.
Specify a handling charge as dollars and cents, or as a percentage of the quoted rate.
Where can I find out more?
A complete installation and users guide can be found at eniture.com. Use the phone number or email address in the Support & Sales section of this listing to contact us with your questions.
Who is Purolator?
Purolator is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario and is Canada's premier shipping company. If you don't have a Purolator account number, contact them at 888-744-7123, or register online.