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为您的客户提供全渠道的统一体验。以客户喜欢的方式接触客户,而不是工具允许的方式。在电子邮件、短信、网络推送通知、Facebook messenger、Viber和Whatsapp之间进行选择,或将它们组合到工作流中。所有这些都方便地包装在一个平台内,并与您的PWA集成。



Latest updates
Privy, Klaviyo & Omnisend automation marketing integration
Give your customers a unified experience with an omnichannel touch. Reach out to your customers in a way they prefer, not what the tools allow. Choose between email, SMS messages, web push notifications, Facebook messenger, Viber & Whatsapp or combine them into the workflow. All conveniently packed inside one platform and integrated with your PWA.
PWA is also integrated with
You can award Smile rewards points to customers for downloading your app, display your Smile rewards program within your PWA with no need to change your existing web or mobile theme.
Design a beautiful loyalty program with points, referral & VIP on your own app! See marketing results and engagement in real time with Smile Analytics.
How it works
Litefy PWA is the world's first Shopify app which instantly upgrades your store theme into a Progressive Web App (PWA).
PWAs allow for greater discoverability and ease of access, with better SEO and no AppStore to have to go through.
Litefy does all the hard work for you. You don't need to code anything to enable Progressive Web App features in your store. Our app enables the latest enhancements in browsers to boost sales on mobile and desktop.
What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
A PWA uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.
On the whole, Progressive Web Apps describe a collection of technologies and design concepts, that work in tandem to provide an app-like experience on desktop and mobile.
Push Notifications
Increases sales by helping you to communicate the right message to the right people at the right time. And you don’t even need their email to do so.
Litefy has a seamless integration with the PushOwl app. You can also use your favorite push app.
Works with your favourite apps
Your Shopify Mobile app (PWA) works seamless with your favourite apps and theme. Fits perfect with your business model, including wholesale stores.
No extra fees
You don't need to pay app stores fees or pass on the app store approval process to get your own app published. Your app goes lives instantly.
Integrated with Google Analytics
If you use Google Analytics in your store, you can easily tracking:
How many users have installed your PWA
Orders made by users that's have installed your PWA
PWA is integrated with Facebook Pixel
If you have the FB Pixel enabled in your store, you can build advertising audiences with the users who have installed (or not) your PWA.
Multi-platform support
Chrome: Mac, Windows & Android
Firefox: Mac, Windows & Android
Safari: iPhone & iPad
Samsung Internet Web: Android