Registration Form Builder(注册表生成器)
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Understand your customers
It's important to know about as much as possible about customers. This App will help with better understanding of the clients habits and needs. That knowledge will allow e-merchant to improve it's services and finally make more profit of his business. App in easy way allows you to create unlimited number of custom fields and get all required data about your customers that cannot be done with standard registration form. All fields can be validated with selected validation rule and can be viewed and editable in your store administration.
Even you can allow to customers to edit theirs datas in theirs own accounts.
App features
You can add text, long text, dropdown, checkbox, radio field or upload file types. You can make all these fields optional or required. You can even set "confirm password" field together with standard password field in your registration form. Custom registration form is fully responsive in each type of devices, mobiles or tablets.
In app configuration you can:
Display table of all your customers with their custom fields
Edit custom filled form fields for each customer
Search for selected customers in customers table
Allow to customers to edit theirs datas in theirs own accounts
Send mail notifications for selected administrators after new customer is registered
Build your own template for this mail notification with info about customer filled data
Add, modify or remove custom form fields in selected form type
Select position of custom field in registration form
Set custom form field label, options, description, if field is required, or if field has half width size
Check all your form fields customizations in live preview section, where you can see how registration form will look like
Use form designer to set your own design of registration form
Set colour of form fields labels, background colour of submit button, registration form description, etc...