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Know when you need to reorder
This restock app allows you to see which products are likely to sell out and when. Unlike other inventory notification apps that only tell you when inventory for a product gets below a specified threshold, this app will take into consideration recent sales information to predict when an item will sell out based on how quickly it is selling.
Customize your report to fit your needs
We know that not all businesses operate in the same way, so it may take you a day to restock your inventory, or it may take 2 months to manufacture, ship, and restock inventory. That's why this restock app allows you to customize your reorder lead-time so that you are notified when you need to reorder, based on how fast a product is selling and how long it takes you to restock that item.
Restock information based on your actual sales history
Because this restock app uses historical sales data from your shop, you will be able to see that a certain product is expected to sell out in less than 30 days (as an example), so you can take action to start the reorder process preventing loss of sales that might occur if you sell out.
Customize the app to fit your needs in the following ways:
select how many days lead time you want (how long does it take to reorder, manufacture, restock, etc.)
select where you want your report sent
Based on your selections, you can generate an instant report (for those of us who need to know now!), or receive a report automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency. You will then receive a report, which shows all of your products that are expected to sell out before your selected lead-time. As an example, if you selected a 30 day lead-time, the app would generate a report that shows all products expected to sell out in 30 days or less based on your history of selling that item.
Why do I need this app?
It's important to know when your inventory is running low, but knowing that you only have 50 units of a certain product doesn't by itself mean that it's time to reorder; it depends on how quickly you expect to sell those 50 units. This app takes into account how quickly you are selling each product to estimate when a product will sell out so you can make smart reordering decisions.