Sales Climb Sticky Add To Cart(优化结账程序)
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关于Sales Climb Sticky Add To Cart(优化结账程序)

Sales Climbly Stick Bar帮助您的客户将产品添加到购物车中并完成您的结帐流程!




Sales Climb Sticky Bar helps your customers to add a product to the cart and go through your checkout process!
Optimizes your sales funnel and checkout process
Fix your Leaky Bucket
The ultimate goal is for visitors to click on the “Buy Now” button and check out.
Visitors can be overwhelmed by distracting text and pictures. Our sticky bar fixes this problem.
Customers will always see the “Buy Now” button no matter where they are!
Instantly Creates a Sticky Bar
Create a horizontal bar that sticks to the top of the page with a “BUY NOW” button.
It remains visible at the top of the page no matter how much the person scrolls down.
Even if the shopper moves their mouse, the bar will “stick” to the top of the page so they will always see it.
Benefits Your Store
Dramatically increase your sales by reminding shoppers to purchase a product
Easy for shoppers to add a product to their cart
BUY NOW button is always visible & impossible to miss!
Increases Conversions & Sales!
Are you getting traffic but no sales? Do you want to INCREASE SALES?
Sales Climb helps you convert shoppers into paying customers!
Turn your traffic into sales by adding a simple sticky bar to your product pages
Captures shoppers attention and urges them to click the BUY NOW button
Boost Your Checkout Stats & Revenue!
Is your store suffering from lack of sales? You NEED this app!
Shoppers are more likely to add to cart if they always see the BUY NOW button
Keeps the “Buy Now” button top of mind for your visitors
Visitors can see product information in one quick glance
Saves visitors time from reading your product description
Helps to increase your revenue & reduce lost sales
Increase your sales without spending money on advertisements
Get More Mobile Customers!
More people today are shopping on mobile devices than ever before!
Our Add to Cart Button works great on mobile devices!
Easy Automatic Set Up
Automatically create a sticky bar for every product on your store.
No set up required. Just one click and you’re all set!
One click Install
No set up required
Instantly Sticky Bar for Products
Works with the most popular Shopify themes
100% mobile friendly
Fits on any screen size
Light and Dark versions available
Customize Button Text
Customize Button Color
Displays your Star Ratings
Friendly Customer Support
Made in the USA!