Smart Cart Upsell Bundle(智能购物车促销应用软件)
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Increase Your Average Order Size, Make More Revenue, And Sell MORE!What is Smart Cart Upsell App?:
The Smart Cart Upsell app lets you display pop-up upsell and cross-sell offers that consumers can easily access with the click of a button! For example, if a customer buys a pair of yoga pants you can cross-sell them like products like a matching yoga top, yoga socks, and yoga bra to go with it. You could also upsell them to a warranty or digital product, increasing your revenue. Its a one-of-a-kind app that allows you to utilize cross-sells AND upsells together!
Cross-Sells (Would You Like a Soda To Go With That?)
The first type of offer is a classic cross-sell. When the customer lands on a product page you have the ability to suggest 3 other products to the customer right underneath the add to cart button and you can offer them a discount to incentivize them to purchase additional items. This is a great place for warranties and even digital product offerings.
Upsells (Would You Like To Supersize That?)
A product upsell can offer like products or even offer a low priced item that is a simple add on to increase cart value. The app perfectly handles upsell offers allowing you to set up specific products that will trigger the upgrade offer.
Run BOGO and "Free Gift" Campaigns
With the Smart Cart Upsell App you can now run MORE offers with ease. This works by using Smart Cart’s BOGO function which duplicates a base product, discounts it by a set amount, and then visually hides it on the storefront. This allows you to use it in upsell offers but won't let customers find it on your storefront. SWEET HUH? Now you can run the following kinds of offers:
*Buy One, Get One Free
*Buy One, Get One Half-Price
*Buy 4 of a Specific Product, Get a Free Gift
*Buy 3, Get One 75% Off
*Spend $100, Get a Free Gift
...the list goes on and on!
Thank You Page Video Receipt Upsells
One of the best times to offer a customer something special is right when they make a purchase. They are already warm to your brand and they are a decision-maker. The video receipt upsell allows you to make any video and drive traffic to anywhere.
This gives you an amazing opportunity to discuss a membership program, digital product, affiliate products, or grow your social media. Another great income opportunity allowing you to take full advantage of every piece of your customer's journey.
Full Detailed Analytics
Numbers always tell the whole story. Smart Cart Upsell App offers full detailed analytics so you can Easily monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales. Knowing your numbers and conversion ratios which will show you that the app is going to work for you.
Your Traffic to Your Store Is Precious...
Make The Most Of It WIth Smart Cart Upsell Bundle!