SMS Alerts South America(短信提醒插件)
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关于SMS Alerts South America(短信提醒插件)


SMS Alerts插件允许您通过短信快速通知客户,短信中包含Shopify中与订单相关的重要信息。它可发送以下事件的短信:

  • 订单确认
  • 订单履行(每次履行一次)
  • 履行更新
  • 订单取消


使用SMS Alerts插件,您不需要注册外部短信网关来处理短信通知。只要安装应用程序,你就可以发送短信通知了!



Supported Events
SMS Alerts allows you to quickly notify customers via text messages with important order related information from right within Shopify. It sends messages for the following events:
Order Confirmation
Order Fulfillment (Once per each fulfillment)
Fulfillment update
Order Cancellation
No need to sign up for SMS gateway
With SMS Alerts, you don't need to sign up with an external SMS gateway for processing of messages. Just install app and you are ready to send SMS notifications!
Message Templates
Application comes pre-loaded with message templates for all events. You have option to create your own templates for each event. Keep changing them as per your needs!
Detailed Reporting
Get delivery status of every message sent through the app. Intelligent SMS reporting tools present detailed report of SMS sent by Event and Delivery Status. Built-in tools to search for messages using various filters such as order number and cell phone number. Graphical reports option to get an overview of day’s and week’s messaging activity.
Notify Me
SMS Alerts can notify store admins about new orders. Just provide mobile numbers and turn the feature on!