SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing(SMSBump短信+彩信营销)
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关于SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing(SMSBump短信+彩信营销)

SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing是一款帮助Shopify卖家开展短信营销的插件。可以在客户把店铺商品加入购物车1小时、10小时、1天内发送短信提醒购买,转化很好。同时支持发送短信的时候给客户发送折扣券。其他还有:
1. 支持彩信
2. 短信用户细分,精准发送
3. 运行A / B测试
4. 根据新订单、付款方式、已发货订单等信息自动发送短信
5. 支持安静时间,根据客户的当地时区发送短信
6. 仅向某些国家/地区发送消息
7. 设置每条短信的最高费用
8. 支持Emoji表情
9. 详细的数据分析,包括跟踪订单,链接点击,转化率,花费金额等等



What is SMSBump?
SMS Bump is Shopify's most loved sms marketing and automations app. 800+ Shopify Plus clients, 6000+ Shopify Advanced and more than 20000 SMEs use SMSBump to fully automate all notification and marketing processes in their stores.
Fully TCPA and GDPR compliant. Create SMS /MMS(Text with image) marketing campaigns in seconds and track results. Integrates with major Shopify apps such as Klaviyo, ReCharge, PushOwl,, Loyalty Lion, Gorgias, ReCart and more.
Download for FREE, set up in less than 5 mins and join 12000+ Shopify stores averaging a 35x increase in ROI.
Text marketing and automations
SMS Flows - Create sophisticated SMS/MMS flows and let your business run on autopilot
ROI Powered Text automations including Abandoned Cart Reminders and Customer Reactivation
MMS support - Boost conversion by sending Image (PNG) or GIF SMS to your clients (US only)
SMS Segmentation - Combine Shopify filters for more narrow targeting
Run A/B Testing. Run different variants of a SMS message and measure performance
Full support and tracking of Shopify discount codes + individual discount codes
SMS campaign scheduling
Opt out lists - keep track of unsubscribed clients
+ Many more
Send messages just the right time - Launch campaigns or send automations based on your customer's local timezone,
Quiet hours - Input quiet hours based on your store timezone which guarantees that your clients would not be woken up in the middle of the night
Country restriction - Send messages only to a certain countries
Max cost per text message - Optimize your costs and do not send SMS messages above a certain threshold
Emojis - Spice up your campaigns
GIPHY and Pexels integration
Detailed In app Analytics - Track orders, link clicks, SMS by country, conversion rate, amount spent, specific automation stats, campaign stats, Image SMS, GIF SMS special tags and many more
Google UTM tracking
How to build your Text Marketing subscription list?
Checkout language (TCPA + GDPR Compliant)
SMS text-word/keyword to our US short-code
Double-click mobile optimized pop ups, embed forms, floating buttons
Email to SMS converter, sharable links, automatic landing page builder
Third party partners JustUno, Privy, WooHoo, Optimonk (CS)
ReCharge, OCU, ReCart, ReConvert, Birthday Email, JustUno, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Slack, ZenDesk,, Gorgias,, CartHook, PushOwl, ReCart, Loyalty Lion, Checkout X (CS), ManyChats, Intercart, Bold Cashier, Shopify Flow, ReAmaze (CS), Loox (CS), Swell, (CS), YotPo (CS) WooHoo (CS), Rise.Ai (CS), Optimonk (CS)
Great alternative to: Attentive Mobile, Attentive, Slicktext, Retention Rocket