Sticky Add to Cart Premium(粘性添加到购物车按钮)
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关于Sticky Add to Cart Premium(粘性添加到购物车按钮)

使用该应用程序,可以让您的Buy按钮或Add to Cart按钮在产品页面上始终可见,让你的客户总是可以看见,随时可以点击,无能在页面的任何位置,只要决定购物就能立刻采取行动。以防止错过销售机会。



Stop Missing Sales! With Sticky Buy Button, Your Buy Button or Add to Cart Button Is Always Visible On Product Pages
*NEW* Top of your site too crowded? Display your sticky buy button on the left or right side of product pages!
Apple, Amazon and others use sticky buy buttons and sticky add to cart buttons to increase their sales. Get one for your online store too with Sticky Buy Button!
Imagine a customer viewing reviews for your product. If they decide to buy, they need to scroll all the way back up to click your add to cart button.
That friction is costing you sales!
Sticky Buy Button gives your customers a better user-experience while allowing them to immediately act upon their decision to buy. It's always visible and ready for clicking.
Why Sticky Buy Button?
Sticky Buy Button beats the competition. Here’s why:
Customize: Style your sticky buy button or sticky add to cart button to your heart's content!
Credibility: Add credibility indicators like review stars, payment logos and more
Performance: Works great on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or mobile
Functionality: Take your customers straight to checkout with the skip-cart page option
Tracking: Integrates with Google Analytics and FB Pixel so you can see how many sales it's generating for you
Easily Customize Your Sticky Buy Button
Stand apart from the competition by customizing your:
Buy button animation
Buy button color
Buy button text color
Bar background color
and more!
Features List
This is only a partial list. More features are added everyday!
No room along the top of your site? Sticky Buy Button can display along the left and right side of your store
Option to display quantity and variant drop-downs on mobile
Option to adjust opacity / transparency of the bar
No setup needed! Sticky Buy Button automatically matches your store's theme
Skip Cart and go directly to checkout option
and more!
Features Coming Soon
New design options to increase conversions
New animation options to make your button stand out
Have an idea? Let us know!
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