Stock Notifier(库存通知插件)
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关于Stock Notifier(库存通知插件)



  • 可设置最小产品数量
  • 点击重新进货
  • 当产品缺货时启用/禁用“通知我”选项
  • 商户注册自动发送电邮通知及通讯
  • 向客户发送电子邮件通知与客户沟通


With the help of this app, now merchant (admin) can manage the stock with proper notifications once the product reaches to the minimum quantity after which the product needs to be restocked. An email notification is sent to the customers also, when the product is restock. Thus helps increase sales, as now the customer will be aware about the product restock. This will help in analysing which products are hot in market and the products needs to be rebuild because of their poor sale.
Set the minimum quantity of product
Restock products with a click
Enable/disable option of "Notify me" when products are Out of Stock
Notifications and Communications on registered email of Merchant
Notification and Communication via customer's email
Configuration : Admin has all the control on the app configuration and can set the minimum product quantity after which the product needs to be restocked. Admin can also manage the email configuration. Merchant can also change the logo to be sent in the emails sent.
Restock products: Admin can see the list of products and their variants to be restocked and can restock the products along with the variants. Notification is also sent to the customers, once the product is in stock.
Restock Product History : The restock history is also managed for all the products and its variants. A detailed history on per product basis is also available, so the merchant can refer to them at any point of time.
This way the app is beneficial for managing the stocks and to keep the history for the same.