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$10/month. External charges may apply.

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Zonos Duty and Tax
Zonos Duty and Tax calculates and collects the total landed cost for international orders. Harmonized codes are not required to get started.
Here's what's included:
Landed cost - duty, tax, VAT, brokerage, disbursement, bond, ancillary fees, and more
Welcome mat - Say "Hello" to your international visitors in their language and keep them on your website
DDP - Give customers the ability to prepay duties and tax, reducing refused packages and achieve faster customs clearance
Shipping rate calculations - Keep your carrier(s)
Zonos Duty and Tax uses the Shopify CarrierService API. Zonos accurately calculates international shipping rates, duties, taxes, and fees (landed cost) and includes everything in the shipping quote.
Does my Shopify plan work with Zonos?
How do I ship a package that includes duties and taxes?
Does Shopify Shipping work with Zonos?
For these and other frequently asked questions, click on the FAQ link under Support.
Landed cost calculations
Getting a total landed cost may feel overwhelming, but not with Zonos.
It's important to know that landed cost is not just about duties and taxes; it's made up of so much more! Our total landed cost calculations include duty and taxes plus any other charges that might be incurred, depending on the shipping carrier and service level used. Our software not only automates landed cost calculations; it does so with speed and accuracy.
Includes Zonos Hello
Hello welcomes cross-border shoppers to your website in their language telling them you are international friendly. Optional* - estimate duties and taxes as they add items to their cart.
Shipping rate calculations
Zonos supports shipping rate calculations for various express carriers, postal carriers, and others. We also give you the ability to offer customized service levels, transit times, rates, and more.
Using multiple carriers, 3PLs, or need custom rates? You've got it with Zonos. You have complete control over what rates you use and when they show up. Want to upload your own custom rate charts? Done! We also give you the capability to show flat rates displayed by country, weight, or price.
Carrier API integrations
Zonos easily allows you to integrate directly with your shipping account(s) to pull your negotiated rates. We support API integrations with UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and more.
About us
Zonos is a SaaS company dedicated to decoding international commerce. They are the leading cross-border technology solution on the market, partnering with thousands of online retailers throughout the world to enhance the customer experience for their international customers.
**UPS Shippers: Zonos is a UPS Ready and UPS CTP provider. Ask your UPS rep for more details.