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关于Form Builder | Mailchimp Forms(邮件表单插件)

通过在您的shopify店铺集成POWr Form Builder+Mailchimp插件,可让您获得更多潜在客户信息,为您节省50%的时间去挖掘潜在客户。




Save 50% of your time and get more leads with the POWr Form Builder + Mailchimp integration.
Are you looking to get more leads? Don't have a huge sales team or web development team to help you? POWr Form Builder is the easy way to create custom forms for your website without any coding or steep learning curve. Set it up in 5 minutes and install in 3 clicks!
Save 50% Admin Time
Eliminate unnecessary manual tasks from your workflow today and get more time back!
* Connect to Mailchimp to sync new contacts automatically.
* Collect responses in real time by syncing with Google Sheets.
* Connect to 1000s of other time-saving apps using Zapier integrations.
Get More Leads
Build any type of form you need, whether it's a contact form, quote request, brand ambassador, catering form or product registration form.
* Collect file uploads
* Build your own custom autoresponder emails
* Easily collect payments with the PayPal or Stripe integrations.
* Position your form for more responses - either popup or fixed position
* Use conditional logic to show/hide questions based on a customer's previous response
* Split your form into pages (or multiple steps)
* Redirect users after submission or show them a 'Thank you' message.
* Add Captchas to reduce spam
Stay on Top of Responses
Make sure you never miss a form submission so you can get back to customers quickly and efficiently.
* Get automatic email notifications every time somebody submits your form
* Limit submissions by a date or time so you don't have to disable your form
* Limit submissions to one per user to avoid spam
* See a summary of responses in your Responses dashboard
* See daily/weekly/monthly analytics in your Responses dashboard
Don’t know code or programming?
The POWr Editor is code-free and easy-to-use so you can customize your form to match your site perfectly. It’s the same for all 24 other POWr apps available in the Shopify App Store, so you’ll never have a steep learning curve.
Need help getting set up?
If you have any questions or need help getting up and running with Form Builder, we’re here to help! Unlike most app providers we offer a Help Center for answers, free support and our awesome team are available 24 hours a day.
What results can you expect?
Robert Is Here - Closed sales 3X faster and grew $0 - $250K in online sales within their first year using Form Builder.
Branded Fruit - Cut 50% time spent responding to inquiries by using automated emails, image uploading and date selection, closing sales faster. They also now save 10 hours of organizational time per week by us