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回答客户问题的最有效方法是让他们自己找到答案。专业构建,易于使用,内容丰富的常见问题解答页面可以带来更快乐的客户,更少的电话和电子邮件,节省支持团队的时间和 - 增加销售!




About Help Center
The most effective way answer to your customer’s questions is to allow them find the answers themselves. Professionally built, easy to use, content rich FAQ page leads to much happier customers, less phone calls and emails, saved support team time and - growing sales!
Help Center app will help you to achieve this.
Why You should use Help Center app:
You'll answer customer's questions before they appear in your inbox
You'll save lots of your Support Team time. And with multilingual FAQ page - even more!
Save your time: exporting-importing FAQ content feature will be helpful if you run several stores
Provide instant help to your customers without supporting an expensive live chat
Easy set-up: build a solid, attractive and branded FAQ page
We provide fast and dedicated support: in case you need any help - just let us know, we are here for you!
With HelpCenter app you can:
Create 3 layers, easy-to-navigate FAQ page, that looks good on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile
Publish searchable questions and answers, sections and categories
Easy to use customization options: select colors matching your brand, font sizes, custom texts, insert pictures, links, custom icons in the sections, etc.
Let your customers submit questions, they can't find the answers, using contact form or a messenger
Have multilingual FAQ page - add as many languages as your customers need
Export - Import content of a FAQ page into another shop. Time saving feature for merchants running several stores
Possibility to restore Q/A backups if needed
Add pictures in header and footer of a FAQ page - for brand promotion, cross-sell and up-sell
Use "Clear text formatting" feature if such content is copied into FAQ page
Choose from different FAQ templates
Please find detailed information about features available in Free and Premium Help Center in Pricing section bellow.How to link Help Center with your shop's menu:
Click the button ADD MENU ITEM in Help Center's Settings page
You will be directed to the navigation section where your menus are
Choose a menu and click ADD MENU ITEM
Here you should type Name (title of your FAQ page) and a Link: /apps/help-center. Then click "Add". And your HelpCenter page is live!
Take a few minutes to watch Help Center video above, where you can find most important answers about the features of this app.Related to:
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