Order Printer Pro(订单打印)
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关于Order Printer Pro(订单打印)

Order Printer Pro应用程序允许您快速为Shopify订单创建发票、报价、装箱单和退货表单。




Order Printer Pro既可以处理常规订单,也可以处理Shopify帐户中的草稿订单。因此,您可以向客户发送报价/发票,以及收据、退货单和装箱单。



Order Printer Pro allows you to quickly create invoices, quotes, packing slips and returns forms for your Shopify orders.
Print documents yourself, or delivery PDFs automatically to your customers. You can also export documents as PDF in bulk, for record keeping.
Automatically deliver receipts and other documents as PDF
Add pdf download links to your Shopify emails and website, then customers can download documents themselves. This saves you and your customers time, and paper! Simple one-time setup, then it's fully automated.
Create quotes/invoices for draft orders
Order Printer Pro works with both regular orders, as well as Draft orders in your Shopify account. So you can send quotes/invoices to customers, as well as receipts, returns forms and packing slips.
Print packing slips for partial shipments
If you are fulfilling orders in the Shopify admin and want to show only fulfilled items in the Packing slips and Returns forms, now you can! This is especially useful for orders with multiple shipments.
Easy to translate
We have customers from over 30 different countries around the world. All of our templates make it easy to translate and change the wording of documents to suit your needs.
Works with Shopify multi-currency
Invoices and receipts will automatically display all amounts in the currency the customer paid with.
Works with Shopify POS and Mobile
The app is also optimized for Shopify POS and Mobile, so you can create your documents from anywhere.
Custom template designs
The templates in Order Printer Pro are made up of HTML, CSS and Liquid and are therefore 100% customizable. Included in the app are pre-made templates designs for:
Receipt / Invoice
Packing slip
Returns form
Quote for Draft orders
Refund / Credit note
If you don't have experience coding your own templates, check out our Order Printer Templates app. It will allow you to create custom with no coding knowledge, for a simple one-time purchase.
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