Parcel Panel Order Tracking(订单查询插件)
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关于Parcel Panel Order Tracking(订单查询插件)

使用Parcel Panel Order Tracking应用程序,能提高客户满意度并促进销售。




Parcel Panel Order Tracking- Improving Customer Satisfaction & Boost Your Sale
ParcelPanel is not only a parcel tracker helping you track all your Shopify orders, but also a marketing expert improving customer satisfaction.
Saving your time by all in one tracking in real-time, branded tracking page under your domain, automatic email notification and graphic analysis of tracking status, so your team can focus on more important thing about marketing.
Branded Tracking Page
ParcelPanel can automatically generate a branded tracking page under your store domain that 100% fits your store theme.
Shipping progress bar, custom orders status, estimated delivery time, similar products recommendation and other abundant custom elements.
Simplify After-shipping Service
There is nothing more frustrating than receive angry emails or calls about “where is my order?” ParcelPanel helps you fix all tracking problems and make sure that no longer happen again.
Customers input their order number & email address or only tracking number to track orders by themselves, instead of asking the service team for help.
The Best Tool for Dropshipping
ParcelPanel supports ePacket(China EMS) & Aliexpress perfectly. Moreover, you can customize all translation strings shown on the tracking page in the local language.
Bringing customers an all-around brand shopping experience.
Branded tracking page fits your store theme perfectly with abundant custom elements, to impress and engage your customers
Tracking all your orders automatically with 600+ carriers supported, so your customers can track their orders in real-time
Custom orders status. You can create custom order status to inform customers of your process prior to shipping(no coding required)
Estimated delivery time shown on your tracking page. You can set up the estimated delivery time for your orders, so the customer always know when to expect it
Product recommendation feature improves purchase conversion rate
Email notification with a tracking link to your store tracking page, simplify the after-shipping service
Multiple tracking ways: by order number & email address or simply by tracking number
Graphic analysis of tracking status. Everything will be clear at a glance, you will easily find which shipping is under an exception, fix it before customers know
ParcelPanel 100% fits your store theme and 100% adaptive interface maintains excellent performance between different devices
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