Sales Pop up ‑ Social Proof(销售弹框插件)

关于Sales Pop up ‑ Social Proof(销售弹框插件)


销售弹出窗口能为顾客购买营造一种紧迫的氛围,同时允许您向访客展示最近有哪些商品被购买,以建立访客对您商店的信任。并且在新的店铺访客中创建您的店铺所需的社交证明。通过Beeketing替代Sales PopSales NotificationsSales Pop MasterSales弹出-最近的订单通知。



Why Install Sales Pop up, Social Proof & Recent Sales Notification app on your Shopify store?
Sales pop ups create urgency and allow you to show your visitors what items have been bought recently to build the trust and creating social proof that your store needs among new store visitors. Alternative to Sales Pop by Beeketing | Sales Pop ‑ Sales Notifications | Sales Pop Master ‑ Sales Pop up - Recent Order Notifications.
Below new Features are coming soon and expected by end of February
Countdown Timer
Stock Countdown
Sales popup app motivates the store visitors through recent order notifications by showing what others are buying. It is the best way to convince them to purchase from your store. This recent sales notification app is the best tool to convert your visitors to buyers and boost your sales.
Top Benefits of Sales Pop ups | Social Proof
Show off live sales popup
Creating social proof by displaying sales activity
Create urgency among buyers
Boost engagement & conversion
Reduce bounce rate
What do you achieve with Sales Pop up Sales Notifications?
As a new store, when you don’t have well-established brand then visitors might be hesitant to buy from your store. This behavior can also cause the cart abandonment. This is when this sales notification app comes in handy and encourage the visitors to buy by creating urgency.
This sales popup recedes automatically after some time to prevent obstructing the browsing experience of users. Sales popup app is featured with different sales notification layouts and styles to give your desired look and feel to the sales popups and grab attention of customers.
Establish Social Proof & Urgency with Recent Sales Pop ups
Sales pop up notification app is designed on the concept of creating social proof by showing the purchases from other users on your store. This motivates visitors to buy from your store when they see that other people are also buying from the store. The recent sales notifications also creates urgency by giving a sense of a physical store and build trust by showing the activities of other customers.
Responsive and Customizable Sales Popup
Sales Pop up Notifications app is mobile friendly to ensure that you don’t lose your mobile customers. You can customize the design and contents of the sales popup as well as set the display time. There are more options to fully control and manage the recent sales notifications on your store.
Note: In case the auto installation process is failed, please refer to the FAQs link to manually install the sales pop - social proof app or contact support.