SB (Free Shipping Bar)(免运费应用软件)
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关于SB (Free Shipping Bar)(免运费应用软件)




Customers purchase more when they know about free shipping and add items to reach the required cart value. This means an interactive free shipping banner can help you motivate customers to spend more in your store and thus increase your sales and revenue.
Six things you can do with the Free Shipping Bar app:
Drag attention to your free shipping offers by featuring a slide out or an announcement bar with your promotional delivery terms.
Encourage customers to add items to their carts with the help of progressive messages.
Congratulate shoppers through free shipping notifications when they reach the required cart value.
Enable page targeting. Specify free shipping bar versions for particular pages and collections. Just enter the required URL, and the app will either display or hide the bar on this page, depending on your needs.
Configure the design and display position of your free shipping bar to ensure that it reflects your store style.
Deliver a seamless shopping experience on desktop and mobile devices alike thanks to the responsive design of the SB app.
Three business benefits you get with our Free Shipping Bar:
Boost customer loyalty
Get higher AOV and more sales
Optimize the costs of the free shipping promo
Install the SB app in one click and skyrocket your sales!