Smart Google Shopping Feeds(产品同步工具)
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关于Smart Google Shopping Feeds(产品同步工具)


通过该应用程序,可通过简单单击,只需一分钟就可将shopify店铺中的商品快速同步到Google Merchant Center。并智能按照状态对产品进行分类。你网店的产品库存可与谷歌购物上的保持同步。这个应用程序可以让你网店连接到谷歌购物中去,可以在谷歌购物里销售你的商品。



Quick and easy way to create, update, optimize and publish your product feed to Google Merchant Center. Google Shopping ads help you attract more potential buyers by showing your products in search results and display ads across the internet.
Single click to sync all products.
Sync all your product within a minute.
Filter Products
Categorised Products by status.
Customise Variant Details
Add all variants.
Bulk CRUD operation.
Syncing products with google automatically.
Includes All variants
We will include all variants in the feed and not only the main product. Each variation by color, size, material, etc will be included with Google Shopping. Each variant gets its own image too.
Instant Sync with Google
Your product inventory stays synced with google shopping and back to your Shopify Store. Help protect your seller rankings by never overselling your products again.
Grow sell
Get your products in front of millions of Google users. This app lets you connect your store to Google Shopping and sell your products there. Get a whole bunch of new customers now!
Free Support
If you need any help with submitting a feed to the marketplace, please contact our support team. We will be glad to help you.