Stock Value(自动核算库存价值)
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关于Stock Value(自动核算库存价值)


Stock Value应用程序提供了一种查看商店内库存成本价值的方法。




About Stock Value
Stock Value by MYW was built to fulfil a simple need, a way to see the cost value of stock held within a store.
Many countries require reports of the cost value of stock held within a company. with Stock Value by MYW this now becomes an automated process.
Simply enter your cost price for each product when setting up the app, and Stock Value by MYW will continually monitor and update your Total Cost Value, available to you at any time.
Stock Value by MYW is now helping many stores automate the process of calculating their Total Cost Value.
Please Note: Stock Value does NOT calculate COGS ( cost of goods sold ), Stock Value takes the cost price of a product and multiplies it by the quantity of that item in stock, giving you the total cost value of a product.
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